Alien Craft Views Solar Eclipse 2017

Solar Eclipse by Mike Morgan
Alien Craft Views Solar Eclipse 2017:
The Hubble space telescope has captured many impeccable images since its mission launch April 24th 1990. None as captivating and the alien craft captured in this solar eclipse photo just after 1 am August 21 2017. As everyone on earth prepares for this rare and beautiful 2017 solar eclipse, scientists and astronomy lovers didn’t realize other universal beings are just as intrigued with this rare scientific event. The craft showed in this picture traveled in front of the Hubble’s photographic lense just as the eclipse formed from a unique vantage point in the thermosphere a spot in the many atmospheres of Earth. Ground crews thought they would capture a spectacular preview of what the people of Earth would see in just a few hours, but the shocker was that a colossal photogenic interstellar craft entered the frame. One operator in charge of optical telescope assembly functions with the Hubble ground crew said.
“We were basically photobombed by aliens today”
When the unearthly craft came into view the team went hysterical with excitement. All other space exploration nations have been contacted and all countries have confirmed they did not have any other ships in this airspace at this time. The aerodynamic shape and dynamic silhouette of the ship indicates a very advanced civilization with impressive spacecraft navigational technologies at work. Never before has the Hubble Space Telescope or any other Earthly optical device ever documented such a clear image of an alien craft before.

 The last total solar eclipse was June 8, 1918 and crossed the United States from Washington State to Florida, just maybe these aliens were here then also; just above our atmosphere watching with us. The eclipse has certainly drawn in friendly other worldly neighbors, and it appears we are not going to view this 2017 total eclipse event alone. Luckily this craft appeared to be on a science based mission and was not presenting any type of threat to earth, as it maintained perfect coordinates until the solar eclipse from that perspective was over. Shortly after this image was taken the ship had vanished with in fractions of a second at what had to be close to light speed.

 As the main event approaches later today over California we wonder if more interstellar alien scientists and their alien ships will come back to document the total solar eclipse event from the perspective of Earth.
Although this story and photo completely fabricated and made up by Redding California Sci-fi digital artist Mike Morgan of Morgan Designs. The total eclipse is real, and it is today at 10:16 am for residents of Redding Ca. it is surely going to be a beautiful and epic astronomical event. If you read this story you now are aware of this idea that a massive alien craft could very well come to visit and enjoy this family friendly once in a lifetime event with us. If you are approached by an alien please use your manners and be a respectful and positive ambassador of Earth for us.
The planetary photos of the earth and the moon in this image were actually taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Please look at the imagery this amazing Hubble team has captured over the years. The was overall art illustration and design is by Mike Morgan and was created using a program called ZBrush which is a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D/2.5D modeling, texturing and digital painting. The art was then finished off in Adobe Photoshop with the use of a Wacom Cintiq and the Morgan Designs Artist Glove a digital artist drawing glove for cg arts.
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Solar Eclipse by Mike Morgan