Morgan Designs winner for the 2022 Best of Redding Award for Graphic Designer

We are happy to announce that Morgan Designs has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Redding Awards in the category of Graphic Designer. Notice to other winners in Redding is happening over the next few weeks. The entire list of winners will be posted on our website after all recipients have been contacted. The Redding Award Program purpose to support and offer public recognition of the contributions of businesses and organizations in and around Redding.
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Logo Design by Morgan Designs

What file types do you get with a new logo?
With a Logo by Mike Morgan here are all the final Logo files you will receive: PDF, AI, EPS, PNG, JPG I create all the popular formats here for you, you can also let me know if I missed any file formats you may need. Here’s a quick guide to what to use which type for: – When it doubt send all of them to your vendor. – Square for profile pics on social media – Print from PDF AI or EPS – Silkscreen, Sign shops and Embroidery guys need the AI or EPS – For transparent backgrounds use the PNG – Web stuff use the Low Resolution – JPG is for basic use, Flyers, letterhead, etc – Laser or CNC routing vendors need the EPS Note: you will not be able to open EPS or AI files unless you have Adobe Illustrator or Vector based software. These types are for professional print vendors. Learn more….

Graphic Design by Morgan Designs

Graphic design for business products and services can be used to convey a message with a identifiable look mood and feel. With over 25 years of experience Morgan Design can create a visually effective graphic layout for your project.

Video Special Effects by Morgan Designs

This is a teen sober driving public safety video we produced for Shasta County Health and Human Service and the department of Traffic Safety. We enjoyed working with the students and creating the special effects for this video. A production of Morgan Designs

Computer Animations

Using Blender a 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, virtual reality and computer games we are able to create motion graphics and special effects like this Tron world here. Something like this can be used for music videos and commercials.

Concept Art by Morgan Designs

Concept art is a form of illustration used to convey an idea for use in films, video games, animation, comic books, or other media before it is put into the final product. Concept art usually refers to world-building artwork used to inspire the development of media products, and is not the same as visual development art, though they are often confused.

Concept art is developed through several iterations. Multiple solutions are explored before settling on the final design. Concept art is not only used to develop the work, but also to show the project’s progress to directors, clients and investors. Once the development of the work is complete, concept art may be reworked and used for advertising materials.

Commercial video ad by Morgan Designs

This is a video ad with animated logo, for Redding Tree Service. We were able to go onsite and capture some really awesome footage of these guys make quick work of this job. A production of Morgan Designs


Moto Camp Promotional video by Morgan Designs

We put produced this action packed Hawk Mazzotta Moto Camp video with dynamic shot quick cuts and studio mic recording voice over work . A production of Morgan Designs


Apparel Art by Morgan Designs

For many years I have developed artwork and graphics for apparel by doing T-shirt, hats, and hoodie designs for several brands. I have extensive experience creating art for the Jiu Jitsu community working on Gis and No-Gi designs with X-Guard Brand and Red Journey. Watch the video to see apparel art by Morgan Designs.

Heavy equipment graphics by Morgan Designs

Is your equipment branded?
We just finished doing the awesome branding graphics on this piece of heavy equipment for Metals Direct and we used a very cool reflective vinyl that goes nuts in the sun. Watch the video to see heavy equipment graphics by Morgan Designs.

The Artist

About Morgan

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His Artwork

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Digital Paint Demo

Procreate on the iPad Pro speed paint concept ice aged landscape with towering giant in the distance. by Morgan Designs

Adobe Class at SC

Contact Shasta College admissions, tell them you want to take Mike Morgan’s class

Buy Art Prints

Own a piece of digital art, concept art inspired by film and video game art from artists Mike Morgan of Morgan Designs

Latest Sci-Fi News

Solar Eclipse by Mike Morgan

Alien Craft Views Solar Eclipse 2017

Alien Craft Views Solar Eclipse 2017: The Hubble space telescope has captured many impeccable images since its mission launch April 24th 1990. […]

Shasta Lake Horned Serpent Sighting – Northern California’s Loch Ness Monster

The Atwoods, a family of 4 went out around 10:30 on Monday July 10th 2017 on what seemed to be an average day of […]

Mt. Shasta hosted three UFO visitors attracted by volcanic electromagnetic activity

In the late morning Wednesday July 5th at the Mount Shasta Resort golf course which lies the shadows of the famous Mount Shasta, a potentially active […]

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Creator of the Morgan Designs Artist Glove

We manufacture and sell the hottest new artist glove on the market. As a artist living in Redding California Mike Morgan has worked hours on his cintiq tablet and one day while wearing his black artist glove that helps reduce heat and provides your hand with the ultimate glide and less smudge on your screen he thought… why can’t I design a custom one that looks cool! That’s just what he did. The glove that will be shipped to you will be graphically designed with sublimation printing by a true digital artist. Never stop creating …never give up on your dreams …chase it until you catch it. We hope that this glove serves as a reminder to do just that.