Concept Art

#d art by Mike Morgan Designs
3d art by Mike Morgan Designs
Design by Mike Morgan Designs

Logo Design

Apparel Art

Packaging Design

Website Design

Richard Morriss Website photo

Graphic Design

Banner design for Loan Shop by Morgan Designs Graphics
Banner design for Musician Morgan Designs
Morgan Designs Graphic Work
Morgan Designs Graphic Design Work
CD Cover Art

CF Numbers

CF Numbers by Mike Morgan in Redding CA
Mike Morgan CF Numbers
CF Numbers by Mike Morgan, Redding CA
Mike Morgan CF Number Guy

Mural Painting

Redding Mural By Mike Morgan
Morgan Designs Murals
Morgan Designs Mural Redding

Video Production

6478 Beretta | River Pointe | Debbie Morgan of Coldwell Banker C&C Properties
19526 San Vincente Dr | Tierra Oaks | Debbie Morgan of Coldwell Banker C&C Properties
This is a video production by Morgan Designs created to play with no audio at tradeshows
Video production By Mike Morgan Redding California

The Artist

About Morgan

Take some time and meet the artist?

His Artwork

Get to the point and show me what this guy can do.

Creator of the Morgan Designs Artist Glove

We manufacture and sell the hottest new artist glove on the market. As a artist living in Redding California Mike Morgan has worked hours on his cintiq tablet and one day while wearing his black artist glove that helps reduce heat and provides your hand with the ultimate glide and less smudge on your screen he thought… why can’t I design a custom one that looks cool! That’s just what he did. The glove that will be shipped to you will be graphically designed with sublimation printing by a true digital artist. Never stop creating …never give up on your dreams …chase it until you catch it. We hope that this glove serves as a reminder to do just that.

To my clients

I am thankful to be an artist and truly appreciate my clients. Everytime I take a new job I feel grateful that people value my skill and investment of time energy and creative inspiration.

  • Seeing the success of my clients products through design is pure contentment.
  • Figuring out a solution graphically which tells a story through imagery is rewarding.
  • I feel lucky to have hundreds of clients over 20+ years help me constantly grow as an artist.
Passion for design
Enjoyment of illustration
Love for Art
Inspiration Level

Digital Paint Demo

Procreate on the iPad Pro speed paint concept Morgan Designs

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Own a piece of digital art, concept art inspired by film and video game art from artists Mike Morgan of Morgan Designs

Live Stream Demo

Mike Morgan Live Stream Biomechanical Colossal Insect Concept Illustration

Latest Sci-Fi News

#D work by Morgan Designs

Droid Head

Military history & Combat Vehicle Show 2017 Redding Ca

Military history & Combat Vehicle Show with the Morgan Designs booth   This is a video introducing the Morgan Designs booth and a general walk-through showing some of the vehicles on display September 24, 2017 for the military combat vehicle show in Redding California

Solar Eclipse by Mike Morgan

Alien Craft Views Solar Eclipse 2017

Alien Craft Views Solar Eclipse 2017: The Hubble space telescope has captured many impeccable images since its mission launch April 24th 1990. None as captivating and the alien craft captured in this solar eclipse photo just after 1 am August 21 2017. As everyone on earth prepares for this rare and beautiful 2017 solar eclipse, scientists […]

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