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A new logo concept

A new concept is often what a existing business may need to revitalize and modernize a dated look. Concepts are what a start up will need to find that perfect look and feel of a new company or business. It all starts with a concept, that is why I develop brainstorm session layout sheets and work with the client directly to provide logo options that tell a story about the business identity. A good logo concept can explain what the business does at a glance.

What file types do you get with a new logo?

With a Logo by Mike Morgan here are all the final Logo files you will receive: PDF, AI, EPS, PNG, JPG I create all the popular formats here for you, you can also let me know if I missed any file formats you may need. You probably know this already know this stuff, but here's a quick guide to what to use which type for: - When it doubt send all of them to your vendor. - Square for profile pics on social media - Print from PDF AI or EPS - Silkscreen, Sign shops and Embroidery guys need the AI or EPS - For transparent backgrounds use the PNG - Web stuff use the Low Resolution - JPG is for basic use, Flyers, letterhead, etc - Laser or CNC routing vendors need the EPS Note: you will not be able to open EPS or AI files unless you have Adobe Illustrator or Vector based software. These types are for professional print vendors.

How much does a logo cost?

A Logo by Mike Morgan is $1800. I absolutely love to see how a new effective logo can serve well for a business for years. I am happy to say I have hundreds of happy clients that will agree a good logo is step one in effective business branding. Start with me Mike Morgan I will design you a logo that will be a striking effective tool that you can use in your marketing for years to come.

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