Concept Art | Morgan Designs | Redding California

3D Modeling by Mike Morgan

Hard surface 3d modeling and organic character design I am so excited to take my knowledge of illustration painting and textural work and apply it to the complex and awesome world of 3d computer graphics. The following projects are created using computer programs like Zbrush, keyshot, Blender, Photoshop by Mike Morgan of the Portland Oregon area in USA.

A hovercross concept

Here’s my latest ‪‎3d‬ ‪ hoverbike‬‪ ‎concept‬ ‪design‬ sculpted in ‪‎zbrush‬ rendered out of ‪keyshot‬ by your friendly neighborhood ‪artist‬ and ‪‎digital‬ ‪‎illustrator‬.

Hard surface modeling

Example of hard surface modeling to create a droid or robotic character helmet or head design. Inspired by Ferrari and Audi cars, clean lines and glossy paint scheme and decals give it that mass produced production model look and feel. Done in Zbrush and Keyshot by Mike Morgan.